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About Bosveld Jacobs Safaris

The Jacobs Safari Company

After a fifteen year period of studying and teaching at two prominent South African universities Bosveld Jacobs started his hunting career in 1976. Following a spell of partnerships he founded Bosveld Jacobs Safaris in 1985. Both his sons, Henk and Riaan, grew up in the hunting milieu and today they happen to be formidable professional hunters.

Come and enjoy the hospitality and craftsmanship of the entire Jacobs Family


We Offer A Variety Of Services
  • Accomodation
  • Hunting
  • Bow Hunting
  • Wing Shooting
  • Non Hunting Activities
  • Base camp in Limpopo…
  • Hunt South Africa…
  • Bow Hunt only concessions…
  • Springbuck flats Limpopo…
  • Elephant Back Safaris…
Our Team

Riaan Jacobs

Riaan, assisted by the Jacobs Family, will be your host and head Professional Hunter. He manages the outfit, hunters, professional hunters, laborers as well as his father and Marcelle.

Bosveld Jacobs

Bosveld, founder of Bosveld Jacobs Safaris (1985) is specialist leopard hunter. Semi retired. He will share his vast experience with every one around the camp fire. Leopard Land, Bosveld’s comprehensive book on leopard, will be published during 2012.

Henk Jacobs

Henk manages the other Jacobs enterprises as well as the administration of Bosveld Jacobs Safaris. He also happens to be a skilled professional hunter with a lot of know-how on carnivore hunting.


An outstanding hostess, chef and caterer.


Hostess and travel consultant. She also used to be a registered professional hunter.

The Dogs

They see to it that each and every wounded animal is retrieved. For many the saddest moment of the safari usually arrives upon departure; saying goodbye to the dogs.


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"Come and enjoy the hospitality and craftsmanship of the entire Jacobs Family"

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