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Hunting Safaris

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We hunt on private concessions and our main camp is in the Limpopo Province where we do have access to many concessions. We do however spread our wings much wider and in fact we quote for the hunting of any species available in Southern Africa.

Bosveld Jacobs Safaris can be regarded as being synonymous with the concept of ethical hunting. Early morning drives take us to the relevant hunting areas. We then pursue our prey on foot and go into the utmost of efforts in locating and shooting quality trophies. The hunter’s health and physical abilities might occasionally compel us to adapt hunting strategies. We pride ourselves to the fact that we see to it that even the physical disabled shoot their own trophies.

The unfortunate experience of tracking down a wounded animal, either by the traditional African way of following the “spoor” with the aid of our capable guides or with our well trained dogs, usually ends up to be the highlight of the hunt. Recently a wounded Red Hartebeest was tracked down and killed after a follow up operation lasting some fifteen hours.

The saddest moment for many patrons arrives upon departure; saying goodbye to the dogs!

Our Hunting Services include:
Plains Game Safari

South Africa for sure happens to be the country with the biggest variety of plains game species. We boast with the biggest and heaviest antelope species, the Cape Eland and also the smallest one, the tiny little Blue Duiker. In between man finds a huge variety of antelopes. In fact Bosveld Jacobs Safaris boasts with more than fifty trophy animals on its price lists and more than 20 of these happen to be antelopes.

What a privilege to hunt the Limpopo Province where, due to game ranching, game numbers have increased at a tremendous rate over the last forty years. In fact it is still increasing. In fact the Water Berg Area, where our main camp is situated, can be regarded as being the Jewel in Conservation; due to hunting.

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Dangerous Game

We do have extensive experience of hunting all members of The Big Five as well as other dangerous species such as hippo and crocodile. Bosveld Jacobs Safaris does have access to our neighboring countries and occasionally we opt on either driving or flying there in pursuit of good quality trophies of these species. You will note that buffalo and lion appear on our regular price list as they happen to be readily available locally. Although all these Dangerous Species can be taken in South Africa, we do however plan our itineraries according to the hunter’s demands. South Africa is the only country where we hunt rhino.

Due to the complications of arrangements it is imperative that these hunts be booked well in advance

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Big Cat Specialists

Many hunters like to do something different. A Carnivore Only hunt might suffice.

Due to our extensive experience of leopard hunting we regard ourselves to be experts when nocturnal species like lion, leopard, spotted hyena, brown hyena, bush pig, porcupine, honey badger, civet, genet and several others are concerned. These species are normally taken in the dark of night and from blinds. Our success rate depends very much on the hunter’s ability to spend some long hours in blinds; sitting and waiting.Caracal, serval and african wild cat might be taken by day. We also hunt these in the dark of night.
Permits, to be purchased before the hunt, are needed for these species and these hunts must be reserved well in advance. Relocating to diverse environments might also be essential and some extensive traveling will be done. We can only hunt these species where ever they occur.

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Bow Hunting

Riaan is a well experienced bow hunter and he has guided many bow hunters to taking a fair amount of top quality trophies. He also manages the other Professional Hunters very well and sees to it that each and every bow hunter gets sufficient (the ultimate) exposure.

Bosveld Jacobs Safaris has access to a number of concessions, well equipped with blinds and tree stands. Several of these happen to be bow hunting only concessions. We also do a lot of stalking. Due to our extensive experience of leopard hunting we regard ourselves to be experts when bow hunting of nocturnal carnivores and other nocturnal species are concerned.

Due to the fact that we are in a summer rainfall area our best time for bow hunting is May to end September in the relatively dry areas. We evade areas with lots of open waters.

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Wing Shooting

Bosveld Jacobs Safaris can offer some excellent wing shooting and most of it is done in maize-corn-sunflower lands in the Springbok Flats area.

Occasionally we interrupt our trophy hunting with a few days of bird shooting. For these few days we might relocate to a local hunting lodge and devote all our time and energy to bird shooting.

We regard these wing shooting excursions as being supplementary to our normal trophy hunting. By booking these well in advance hunters can avoid eventual regret.

The bird hunting season for guinea fowl, crested francolin, natal francolin, red wing francolin and Shelley’s francolin in the Limpopo Province usually run from the beginning of May till end of September. We hunt these birds on foot with pointers and retrievers.

Pigeon hunting can be done throughout the year. Rock pigeon, Cape turtle dove, laughing dove, and red eyed dove are mostly taken from blinds or sheltered spots in agricultural lands. The peak season for hunting these also happens to be March to end September.

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Species Available for hunting

The following species do not appear on our regular price lists. Upon application we will quote for these: Hippo, Rhino, Giraffe, Crocodile, Leopard, Elephant, Brown Hyena, Spotted Hyena and any other species in the Southern Africa.

The following species do appear on our customary price list.

Local Hunts Species needing Permits Travel Involved
Species African Wild Cat
Black Backed Jackal
Brindled Gnu
Burchell’s Zebra
Bush Pig
Cape Eland
Common Duiker
Greater Kudu
Limpopo Bushbuck
Mountain Reedbuck
Red Hartebeest
White Blesbok
Common Reedbuck
Honey Badger

All animals listed need
permits to be issued
before the hunt.
Prior notification of
the hunters’ intention
to hunt these is needed.

Black Wildebeest
Red Lechwe
Springbok Black
Springbok Common
Springbok White
Animals listed will be
hunted in distant areas
and some traveling will
have to be done.



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